manufacturing capacity

The Portuguese manufacturing site counts with more than 250 professionals among experienced sewing dressmakers, tailors, pattern makers and cutting experts, making Davion the best partner for your men garments production needs.

From Made-to-Measure fully and individually customized suits, to production of high personalized little series, Davion has the production capability to deliver a high quality product.

Through its production partners in Bulgaria, Davion multiplies by four its production capabilities with its own quality stamp. In close partnership with these factories in Bulgaria we run an one-stop-shop operation for big and/or small series production of Half-Canvas and Fused suits and jackets and casual chic jackets.

With 4 manufacturing facilities among Portugal and Bulgaria, Davion has the annual capacity for the delivery of 50.000 customized Made-To-Measure (MTM) HC or FC Suits and 250.000 suits for personalized production series.

Made To Measure capacity in Portugal

A full customized process for individual and unique orders for MTM suits and jackets has been assembled in Davion to fulfill the requirements of a single person produced within an industrial environment.

Each Made to Measure suit requires more than 210 unique operations from modelling, automatically cutting each individual piece, sewing each piece from front and back, pockets, sleeves, linings, collars, buttons, canvas, embroidered and finally mounting all pieces together. Then, all suits should be pressed and ironed from shoulders, back and front, armholes, collars, sleeves, lapels, pant legs, etc. At the end before quality control, trousers and jackets should be matched in a single product. Before packaging, a piece by piece quality control is done for checking all the details, individual options and materials, measurements,... to assure a high quality unique product. The final packaging is done by following client requirements, and each suit is expedited to the designated client address.

We guarantee delivery ex-works at a maximum 20 working days, but our standard delivery time is 15 working days after the fabric is available at our warehouse.                                               

During the past four years, Davion has successively introduced several enhancements in it’s production line - from information systems development of streamlining order management processes, to fully automated CAD systems, modeling and cutting processes and the acquisition of machinery for sewing and ironing.
From the client's perspective, several enhancements were developed - from order placement via a Web portal, to automatic daily information about the status of each individual order, with detailed status in the production line (Cutting, Sewing, Ironing, Storage, Expedition,…) giving also a best Estimated Time to Delivery for each order, as each order production state is recorded in the information system.

Davion is fully focused in developing and continuously improving its high personalized production processes, quality and time-to-delivery by redesigning processes, developing top technology systems and making investments in human capital, making Davion one of the best companies in the world to deliver Made-To-Measure high quality men garments.

MTM Customization Process

The MTM order customization is a streamlined process and done
almost exclusively by clients themselves.

The process is very simple and is comprised by the following steps:

1. Client should choose one of the models previously developed and assigned specially to client during the client MTM setup process;

2. Client should select the desired apparel – 3 pieces Suit, 2 pieces Suit, Jacket, Trouser or Waistcoat;

3. Choosing the standard sizes of these apparels;

4. Choosing the desired fabric from a list of available fabrics from the finest providers: Loropiana, Vital Barberis Canonico, Guabello,… or send to our factory or ask for acquisition of a fabric coupon;

5. Choosing all the desired options and materials, from buttons, sewing colors, number and type of pockets, embroidery, etc,….

6. Indication of the several measures changes/adaptations in relation to chosen standard sizes, based on the samples previously provided to them in the MTM client setup program.