Client brands

Worlwide Brands

Since 1993 Davion has been serving worldwide men garments brands and retailers around the world.

Davion is the key provider of more than 100 main and high-end brands across more than 15 countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Russia, UK, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Mozambique, Angola, France, Germany, Italy, Panama and New Zealand.

From the largest worldwide garment retailers to high-end bespoke ateliers, Davion was and continue to be the one-stop-shop high quality partner in the production of menswear to modern and elegant men around all five continents.

Davion’s MTM production versatility, time-to-market, high quality and a widest range of options and materials of the market, makes Davion’s the best sourcing option for customized suits and jackets, selected by several MTM garment brands.

We work closely with our clients through long relationship partnerships based on trust, and this trust is also guaranteed by not disclosing their strategic sourcing decisions in our marketing information by revealing their names.