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Davion is located in the beautiful mountain landscape of the highest Portuguese mountain and has been producing and trading men suits for more than 60 years in a family owned business actually run by the 3rd generation family members. 

In the art of apparel manufacturing, Davion has created, produced and reinforced the most desired attribute to their clients = TRUST. The largest customers that work with Davion, have been clients for more than 20 years. 

Davion is specialized in the production of classic tailored garments, made under a half-canvas construction based in the Italian tradition. Combining experienced traditional handcraft with state of the art information technology, Davion has established a very solid and automated base to fully suits customization production.

More than 260 professionals among experienced sewing dressmakers, tailors, model makers and cutting experts, makes Davion the best partner to your garments production needs, from Made-to-Measure fully customized suits to production of high personalized little series.

Davion delivers to all over the world, from UK to Australia, from USA and Canada to all European countries .


Client Success Stories

Since 1993 Davion has been serving brands and retailers around the world.


Davion is the key provider of more than 100 high-end brands across more than 20 countries.

From the largest garment retailers to high-end small bespoke ateliers, Davion was and continue to be the best partner in tailoring to elegant people around the world.


Davion’s MTM production time-to-market, high quality and a wide range of customizations options and materials, makes Davion the best sourcing option for customized suits and jackets for men and women.


We stablish with our clients long term partnerships based on trust, and this is also guaranteed by not disclosing their strategic sourcing decisions in our marketing information by revealing their names.

Alexandre Brito Gouveia (the grandfather) has established one of the first apparel Portuguese company - Brialex, focused on winter products as anorak’s and parka’s. Until 1978 has lead the Portuguese market in such products.


Carlos Guimarães Brito (2nd generation) has established his own plant – Eurofato - to produce fused suits under his own brand (Charles Guy) which reached the leadership in Portuguese Market in late 70’s.


DAVION is created in September 1993. DAVION was brought up aiming the Private Label market, specialized in half-canvas suits, gaining immediately clients such as Massimo Dutti that remains one of our main stakeholders. Heritages more than 40 years of men’s garments manufacturing based on the Italian tradition of half canvas suits.


The trading operation for fused suits moves us to subcontract in Eastern Europe.


Made-to-Measure service begins.

At the end of this year, and based in the quality of its product, constructed in full canvas or half canvas with traditional base methods, Davion begins to offer  a made-to-measure service, allowing its retail clients to offer this personalized service in their stores. as consequence some personalities like David Beckham, José António Camacho, Jurgen Klinsmann, David Bowie, Pierce Brosnan, Morgan Freeman and Robbie Williams dresses with personalized suits made in Davion.


Begins the spreading of clients network in new geographic markets with a strong growth namely in the UK market.

Granted new important clients and new markets as Australia and Brazil were reached.


Considerably expands its presence in international markets reaching countries like USA, Netherlands, Hong Kong, France among others.
At the end of this year begins a big restructured and strategic development fo, Made-to-Measure service, with the aim to highly enhance this service with an effective time-to-market, quality and reliability. 


A presence in Brazil was consolidated with the creation of a local company, Euroexis Lda - with the intention to be the cornerstone for the commercial development of Davion in this country.


In this same year in Portugal was also created an holding for managing shares of all companies of the group.


Never ceased to be a familiar type company, the family 3rd generation, never slowed business footsteps of their ancestors and led the business in recent years, expanding and nurturing it establishing it as one of the references in European in Made-to-Measure half-canvas suits manufacturing.

The Davion's products and services are constantly evolving, and at this time they are known as a high quality standard.

Today besides the traditional men's garments, Davion has introduced a made-to-measure full tailoring line for women. 



We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in the fashion industry, and our made-to-measure suits are just one aspect of our eco-friendly business model.


We take care to use only the materials needed for each garment, reducing our impact on the environment and minimizing waste.

Our focus on slow fashion means that our suits are produced with time, care, and attention to detail, resulting in high-quality garments that customers can enjoy for years to come.

Building a
Sustainable Future


Alva river near Davion
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