Needs we gratify

Needs we gratify


Special features and end consumer specifications with a full range of options, measurements, fabrics and materials, with specific product development in an industrial made-to-measure production.

Tailor made  Suits and Jackets for men.

Trustful supply of good quality suits and jackets for highly brand customized collections for small and medium series production, including sampling and product development.

Small Collections Suits and Jackets for men.

Reliable delivery for large scale production of garments with a global solution.

Big distribution of Suits and Jackets for men.


Davion operates only in the B2B (Business-to-Business) model, having no clothing own brand, nor operations to sell products directly to the end consumer.

Davion value proposition is based on the following:
• high quality products 
• extensive experience and high reliability
• operations flexibility adapting to client requirements
• client driven 
• effective time-to -market
The consistency of these features over the years are maintaining trust and loyalty of clients through long-term relationships.

Davion produces and sells men suits for retail businesses of all sizes, across a three products line:

Made to Measure

Men Suits and Jackets for each individual

Half, Full Canvas or even Unstructured Jackets and Suits made over a settled Model or Models, within a size range, with several preset options predefined measurement changes and multiple materials, we offer endless possibilities to our clients to personalize and customize each garment to each final consumer.

25 measurement adjustment options;
45 customization items with more than 100 different options to choose from;

10 measurement adjustment options;
20 customization items with more than 50 different options to choose from; 

Made in Portugal

Garments Small Series

Brand Customized Formal or Casual Suits and Jackets for Men

Manufactures top class men jackets and suits for retailers in highly personalized small series garment productions in Half-Canvas, Fused or Unconstructed models with several materials and options, given them the ability and flexibility to launch severall collections during season.

Made in Europe: Portugal and/or Bulgaria

Garments Large Scale Series

Men Suits and Jackets

Large-scale quantity production of men garments to international large retail clothing networks.

Made in Europe: Bulgaria and/or Portugal.


Men Garments Pattern Development

Through our team of  Tailors and Pattern Developers with the support of Computer Aided Design systems, we have the ability to offer to our clients the development or adjustment of garment patterns for client models.

Fabrics and Trimmings Advising and Sourcing

Apart from the construction quality, the final product quality also involves choosing the best fabrics and trimmings, which are an integral part of the garment.  
Based on the Davion's long market experience and long strategic business relationships with the finest fabrics and materials suppliers and manufacturers in the world, Davion's team provides personalized support to its clients in counseling, selection and purchasing of fabrics and trimmings with the best quality for desired product by the customer.
In this solution framework, client doesn't have to be worry about qualifying materials directly with suppliers.

All the supply chain could be handled and managed by Davion.

Packing and Door-to-Door Delivery

In order to support its Made-to-Measure business model, Davion developed the ability to produce unit orders for the specific individuals. This unity manufacturing capacity, is extended to the packaging unit capacity and direct delivery to a specific address provided by the customer. 
This unit delivery capability by our manufacturing industry enhances and supports businesses based on direct sales for modern sales channels models.


Focusing on providing solutions for the whole life-cycle of global suits customization.

Devoted to providing a one-stop personalized and integrated service to global customers asking for suits customization. 

Building the world’s best customization platform of made-to-measure suits.

Made in Portugal / Europe

All Made-to-Measure suits are produced in Portugal in our factory. Portuguese apparel manufacturing has a high reputation in the world as a high quality product provider. From other side, being a European Union country, all the labor, social, environment laws are based in the framework of European standards with compliance to all of our clients requirements. Our outsourcing manufacturing is all based in Bulgaria, located also in Europe.


More than 50 years of experience in apparel manufacturing. Company has a strong knowledge and experience of production processes, products and markets in the menswear industry area with long relationships with top worldwide fabric and acessories suppliers.

Technology Based Processes

From client orders communication, order management and fabric cut, all the made to measure production process is based in state of the art information systems, making a streamlined process to both clients and manufacturing. Orders are base in a simple online system, easy for store sellers to learn. Order status and fabrics stocks information feedback to clients are given by the Davion MTM system in an automatic way - given them a quick, effective and easy operations data.

High Customization & Versatility

For MTM we offer more than 125 customization options for jackets and more 60 customization options for trousers, complementing hundreds of fabrics and accessories available items. These numbers make Davion the biggest MTM company in customization options range on the market.
Our versatility and flexibility of the manufacturing processes gives also the possibility of producing highly personalized little ready-to-wear collections.

Customer Service & Productivity

Our team is very experienced, highly motivated and completely passionate  about  this business and our clientes being  fully prepared to overcome all challenges. Each client is treated as unique, and a specific account manager is assigned to each one. This team gives multi-lingual support to worldwide clients for order management, production status and after sales service.

Our streamlined MTM order and production process give us the possibility to deliver a suit in a 15-20 working days worlwide.

No Inventory Risk

In the MTM business model where unique orders are processed in a manufacture-on-demand basis, give our clients the opportunity for developing sales business models with no inventory risk or investment which gives them higher value added and profits. Even for small series collections production, the ordered quantities could be almost an inventory risk free business.  

Brand Value

Davion MTM product line, based in the finest worlwide fabrics as Italians like Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Guabello,... on high quality production standards, with a wide range of customization options and made in Portugal, gives the opportunity to our clients to leverage their brand value by adding to their portfolio a new service for new value added segments, with a high quality custom made product.